If you are considering sending your child to John Paul II High School then It is important that you and your child read our Prospectus and understand your commitments and responsibilities, particularly concerning the Special Character of our school and your legal obligations especially in relation to the payment of compulsory Attendance Dues. Our enrolment form is a legally binding contract which requires your acceptance of these obligations.

If you know that your child is a Non-Preference (non-Catholic) student then you will need to collect a Parent’s Consent for Application for Non-Preference Enrolment form from our school office.

Please note that non-preference positions in our school are severely limited. The form mentioned above does not guarantee enrolment for your child until it has been signed by the Principal. For this reason, it is important that your application for enrolment meets the deadline below.

After you and your child have read the Prospectus, please return the signed and completed Enrolment form (along with the additional required forms) to our school office, at which time an appointment will be made for you to see the Principal. We would like to have a firm indication of enrolment by the end of Term 3.

If you know that your child would be a Preference Student (Catholic), you must approach your local Catholic Parish Priest. The Parish Priest will provide you with a Preference of Enrolment Certificate allowing unconditional entry to our school.

Greymouth, Cobden, Runanga, Grey Valley, Kumara

Fr Peter Costello, Catholic Parish of Greymouth, Greymouth

03 768 5263


Fr Raymond Soriano SVD (Parish Priest)

Fr Biju Xavier (Assistant Priest)  Sacred Heart Parish, Reefton

03 732 8457


Fr Francis Jolly, St Mary’s Parish, Hokitika

03 732 845

Steps for Enrolment


Enrolment Form