Uniform & Stationery

Any student who wears our uniform well reflects favourably on our school in the eyes of our community.

No uniform variations will be permitted, and uniform must be worn as intended. Non-uniform days still require students to dress appropriately for a school setting.

Clothing not permitted is confiscated and held for a period of time before being returned.
Parents are asked to ensure that their young people are appropriately dressed when they leave home for school each morning. Blue shirts are to be worn tucked in during class and on formal occasions.

See below stationery lists for 2023.

Sports Uniform

Sport uniforms will be issued to sports teams representing the school. When students travel away as representatives of the school, they are expected to dress appropriately as directed by the teacher in charge.


Hair must be clean and tidy and of an appropriate length. Long hair must be tied back off the face. Styles and colours which vary excessively from the norm, will not be permitted. Black or Navy hair ties/scrunchies or hairbands (max-width 25mm) only permitted. Female students are not permitted to wear eye make-up, lipstick, or nail polish. Hair ties may NOT be worn on wrists.

Male students are expected to be clean-shaven.


Students are permitted to wear a small single stud in each ear provided these are 6mm across or smaller. Rings, neck chains or necklaces are not to be worn by students, except religious or cultural artifacts (taonga), which may be worn inside shirts.

Additional Information

It is not unusual for students to raise money for small projects by running a Mufti day. Work Day, Community Service Day, Work Exploration, and Camps allow the wearing of Mufti also, (mufti should be appropriate to the Special Character of the school). Parents are notified of these in advance.

Our Stationery

Stationery can be ordered directly from:

2024 Stationery Lists: