Restorative Justice

The following system has been implemented specifically for students who repeatedly disrupt lessons and it is not designed to be used for infrequent offenders or serious offenders. It is designed to use good restorative practices in such a way that will encourage positive change in behaviour. The key to its success is the global and consistent nature in which every teacher uses this system with uniformity. We request that parents and caregivers support the school with this process.


If a student continues to misbehave in class the teacher is to follow these steps;

  1. Restorative chat – an informal one on one chat with the student to modify the behaviour
  2. At any stage ring home for parental support
  3. Inform the whÄnau teacher by entering details in KAMAR
  4. Refer the student to the HOD with a note and work to carry on with – student to sit at the back on HOD’s lesson where possible. Where HOD is not available, another senior teacher may be referred to. Enter details into KAMAR.
  5. Three-way restorative conference involving the teacher, student, and Dean or whÄnau teacher – details to be entered into KAMAR
  6. Refer to SMT – with the full set of details already in KAMAR

Daily Report System

This is a period by period, day by day record of behaviour targeting specific areas as identified by subject teachers who have experienced sustained difficulties with a student.  Such reports are presented to parents each evening for discussion and are signed by them.  Attainable goals are set in consultation with the student and may lead to detentions or isolation in the event that these goals are not met.  However, daily reports provide valuable information for targeting areas for counselling and also allow the students to monitor and control their own behaviour and consequently to modify such behaviour to avoid punitive actions.  In addition, favourable and positive comments given by teachers can turn daily reports into a worthwhile experience for those students using them.

It is not uncommon for students who have had daily reports imposed on them to request a return to them sometime after they had previously earned their way off them.  An essential element of this system involves the counselling carried out by the Dean during their regular meetings with the student concerned for the purposes of discussing the outcomes of the daily reporting procedure.  In some cases, Dean may refer these students to the AP/DP or for additional counselling with the school counsellor.