Hybrid Learning

It’s important to note that ‘hybrid learning’ is new, and totally different from lockdown learning that students and teachers experienced over the previous 2 years.

What is hybrid learning?

Hybrid learning means that teachers will be teaching from school and home to students at school and at home. Teachers are setting up online classes, where students will find all of their classwork. There may be times at school that we can’t run the normal school timetable (due to teacher absence due to illness), so with online classrooms, students will still be able to continue with their learning regardless of whether they are with their usual teacher in their usual classroom, a different teacher in a different classroom, or isolating at home.

Students need to bring their laptops to school fully charged every day

It’s important that students check their emails daily for updates from their teachers once we move to hybrid learning. Parents can email teachers for information about their child’s classes too, email addresses are on the ‘Our Staff’ page on the school website.

Health and wellbeing are most important – if students and teachers are unwell, do take the time to get better, your learning will be there for you when you.

Accessing learning for classes

Are you learning from home now? Read on:

Teachers have set up online classes in either Google Classroom or Microsoft Teams for all of their subjects and invited students to join via email over the last two weeks. Students will find their coursework in their online classroom now. They log on with their usual school username and password.

Please email your teacher if you need help accessing your learning. Remember to check your emails in the morning and the afternoon for any updates, if you are now learning from home.

  • Find all teacher email addresses here

  • All students have access to Education Perfect: log in here
  • Go to the school library blog and resources here

  • Parents, you can also email madeline.campbell@johnpaul.ac.nz for any queries about or suggestions for online learning.