Our Board of Trustees

Special Character meetings are being held at the Parish Centre at 5.30 pm.

All Board meetings are to start at 5.30 pm in the library, with nibbles being served at 5.15 pm in the staffroom.

St Patrick’s School finance meetings times vary and are held at St Patrick’s School in the Principals office.

John Paul II High School finance meeting times vary and are held at John Paul II High School in the Principal’s office.

For any Board contact please email below:

Meet Our Board


  • Alan Berry

Proprietor representatives

  • Father Mathew Sijiv
  • Margaret Mary Wallace
  • Miles Roper
  • Anthony Whitcombe

Deputy Chairperson

  • Marjan Sprock


  • Ian Johnson Principal – St Patrick’s School

  • Renee Hutchinson Principal – John Paul II High School


  • Tanya Whitmore

Parent representatives

  • Alan Berry

  • Marjan Sprock

  • Maria Lockington

  • Abby Murphy

  • Blair Shrimpton

  • Kathryn Ruddle

Staff representatives

  • Kim Hines – St Patrick’s School

  • Celia Costelloe – John Paul II High School

Student representative – John Paul II

  • Ciaran Thow