Positive Behaviour for Learning

At John Paul II High School we focus our attention on the positive actions that we observe our students doing, rather than the negative behaviours. We employ a values-based system so matching that alongside a PB4L framework produces better student-teacher relationships and therefore more positive outcomes.

Reward System for Positive Behaviour

Below is a list of the PB4L systems we have at John Paul II High School. They are designed to capture all areas of student life at school where they can contribute in a positive way to the learning environment for all.

A Gold Award is presented by a teacher to a student who performs Above their Normal Level of Performance. In addition, it is not uncommon for teachers to recognise the consistent performance of some of their students in this way. A gold award may also be given for one-off actions worthy of praise. Gold awards are recorded in Recognition on KAMAR by the issuing staff member.

Recipients of Gold Awards have their names put into a lucky draw held each Friday.   The winner receives a $5.00 canteen credit to spend how they wish. The list of those entered in the draw will be printed by the office staff on Friday and will include any student whose Gold Award was entered on to Kamar from Friday of the previous week until Thursday of the current week.

When a student has 5 gold awards, the student takes them to the office who checks on Kamar that the awards are genuine, countersigns on the back of each card, and enters a Gold Merit Certificate in Awards on Kamar. This certificate entitles the student to have a mufti day with up to 4 nominated friends. The Gold Merit Certificate will be presented to the student at huihuinga (assembly). If the student wishes to use the certificate for a mufti day, the student must take the certificate to the Principal’s PA who will check with the DP that the proposed date is suitable. The Gold Merit Certificate is signed on the back, to show that it has been ‘cashed-in’, and returned to the student. On the day of the mufti, the Principal’s PA   will enter, on the staff daily notices, the names of the students involved. Alternatively, a student may retain the Gold Merit certificate. With two certificates the student may cash them in at the office for a single movie pass. Once again, ‘Cashed-in’ certificates must be signed on the back by the person issuing the movie pass.

PB4L (Positive Behaviour for Learning) Awards are the instant awards given in and out of class by teachers who observe positive behaviour. The teacher gives a signed chit to the student who puts it in the box at the office. A draw happens at huihuinga (assembly) where the student can choose one item from the box of prizes.

Weekly Notes

Weekly Notes are designed to ensure that the whole community surrounding each student is kept aware of their attitude to learning and progress at school. Parents will be made aware in ‘real-time’ of how their young people are working in their classes. The subject teacher, Dean, and Pastoral Care staff will be able to track and support those students who need it early, to improve learning outcomes.

Weekly Notes also support students in their personal goal setting and monitoring of how things are progressing. Each student is asked to be conscious of the two key competencies of ‘managing self’ and ‘relating to others.’

By using Weekly Notes we hope to encourage:

  • subject teachers to think about individual students regularly
  • us to hold discussions about effort with individual students
  • students who are making good progress to feel acknowledged
  • a proactive and early approach to supporting students who need extra help

As a general guide, a Weekly Note of 2.5 is regarded as satisfactory.

1 = Rarely – negative mindset, disruptive, consistently late, disorganised, unprepared, uncooperative

2 = Sometimes – inconsistent, late, unmotivated, erratic, often unprepared

3 = Mostly – generally on time, makes ordinary effort, meets basic requirements

4 = Always – punctual, enthusiastic, participates willingly, positive, prepared, organised, cooperative

Students who are maximising their learning opportunities should be scoring in the 3-4 range consistently

Weekly Notes will be emailed out to parents, caregivers, and students on a Friday.