BYOD – All about using your laptop computer

John Paul II High School believes in preparing students to effectively use digital technologies. Our learning is designed to include student owned laptops in a variety of ways, so access to an appropriate laptop for learning is essential. Hybrid learning means that students have access to class learning anywhere and at anytime, at school and at home. All lessons and resources will be updated daily on class Teams. In 2023, we are moving to Microsoft Office 365 as our digital platform.

We have a small number of laptops to use during the school day to help out when student’s own devices are sent away for repairs.

For all students, the device used for learning should be a laptop (not a tablet or mobile phone). We prefer Microsoft laptops, as that is what our Network is designed for, and because all staff use HP laptops, they are more able to help students troubleshoot any issues.

Students who bring Mac laptops will need to ensure that they teach themselves how to use them effectively at home, download and use the Chrome browser (not Safari), and make sure network settings are set up to be compatible with the school network. There will be network access delays for them if they need help from school to ensure that their Mac laptop is correctly set up.

Students coming from a Toki Pounamu school with relatively new Chromebooks can continue to use them until families/whānau are ready financially to move to a Windows laptop. JPII is not a Toki Pounamu school, so it’s important that your Chromebook is fully paid off and ‘unhooked’ from your primary school before you can use it at JPIIHS. Ask your primary school principal or your primary school’s Fusion Networks technician for help. We can contact them when you arrive here if you haven’t had your device ‘unhooked’, however there will be delays and it’s a much faster process if you can do it at the end of your primary school year.

Chrome is our preferred browser. You can also use also use Microsoft Edge, though it doesn’t yet have the functionality of Chrome.

Click the image below to view all the devices to choose from at Noel Leeming based on the platform that our school recommends. Remember to IGNORE THE TABLETS – just look at the laptops. It will also have the latest stock availability and the best price on the day:

  • A laptop which is Windows capable (preferably Windows 10)
  • Minimum 4GB RAM
  • 80GB Hard drive
  • Full-size keyboard
  • Wireless capability
  • No smartphones or tablets (iPads) for learning please

The school is committed to assisting students with their devices so being able to connect to our online network and digital learning resources is important. New Era Technologies is our network manager and digital support provider. They are rebuilding our computing network in 2022 and 2023.

Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft software is free for JPIIHS students (so you don’t need to buy MS Office software). Students will be shown how to access this at school.

Check that your home insurance covers devices to, from, and at school.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school –

Helpful tips for keeping students safe when using their BYOD

For kids and parents alike, school holiday time is all about freedom. Freedom from rules and routines. Freedom the clock, school uniforms and packed school lunches.

But all that freedom can create new concerns – especially if digital distractions become kids’ default mode.

Check out’s handy tips for help to manage screen time here.