Getting to know our school

Founded in 1980, John Paul II High School is a Catholic Year 9-13 co-educational school serving the Westland area. John Paul II High School is the result of years of generosity and work by the Sisters of Mercy, Marist Brothers and Catholic families of the combined parishes the school serves.

The crest of John Paul II High School represents the Papal emblem of St Peter’s Keys and the triangular unity of the Holy Trinity.

Through their foresight and hard work, earlier generations of West Coast Catholics, the Marist Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy, established an excellent school in Greymouth for the Catholic young people of today.

By any standards John Paul II High School is a strong school with excellent teaching programmes, small classes and energetic and professional staff.

  • Reputation of the past
  • Standing in the community
  • Smallness of the school
  • Special Character
  • Size of classes
  • Pupil to teacher ratio
  • Feedback of excellent teaching
  • Friendships throughout school life and beyond
  • Previous family members have attended
  • It is a Catholic school
  • A lot of stable two parent families
  • Boys had a great time here
  • Smaller school and closer relationship between pupils and teachers
  • Old Marist Boy / St Mary’s Girl
  • Very good academic record
  • Teachers have more contact with students
  • Older son’s recommendation based upon students’ attitudes
  • Better education in a Catholic School
  • Achieving in smaller classes, values learnt here and personal experience
  • Old John Paul II High School Boy / Girl
  • Time spent on students
  • Small but beautiful and suits my daughter
  • New Year 9’s integrate quickly into this school
  • Family environment
  • Family orientated and Christian beliefs
  • Tend to follow the Catholic system and have the same friends from primary school
  • Good teacher skills
  • Our child wanted to come
  • Friendly student/teacher relationships
  • Supports family values
  • Our child needed a small family school

A Special Character that trains young people in:

Our School Haka

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