Prerequisites for senior subjects

It is easy for students to get too focused on the number of credits they require for obtaining the various levels for NCEA. There is also a requirement in many subjects to demonstrate a certain ability level before being allowed to start in them, otherwise students are setting themselves up for failure due to not having the required knowledge base or skill level to enable them to achieve in that subject, at that level.

Arts In Art you will explore a range of art making methods and ideas developing your ability and skills while also gaining knowledge of the work of established artists. Students will also participate in occasional visits to the local Art Gallery.
Computing Students earn credits towards their NCEA using Digital Technologies Achievement Standards, using Digital Information, Digital Media, Programming and Computer Science.
Design Technology Students are required to submit portfolios of work that include planning, research, design, production of a solution, and evaluation. At least the first term will be spent on written research, planning and design.
English Write in a range of genres. Explore the language of and think critically about a variety of oral, written and visual texts. Speak with confidence. Conduct research. Read independently.
Gateway & STAR  
Graphics The content of this programme leans heavily towards understanding and applying the design process and relies on the ability of students to solve design problems using a graphics approach.
History The course explores significant events of significance to New Zealanders in the 20th Century. The topics covered are: 1. Causes of the Second World War 2. NZ Search for Security 3. Perspectives of people on an event 4. Research Project
Home Economics Food and Fabric is available and chosen by the pupil’s interest and negotiation
Mathematics This course covers units of work from Number, Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Statistics, and Measurement.
Physical Education The emphasis for this course is on participation and developing skills in a wide range of activities.
Religious Studies  
Social Studies  Social studies is a subject that has a focus on the world around us and our participation in this world, as individuals, as members of groups and our wider community.  Social studies is concerned with how people make decisions based on their viewpoints, values and perspectives.