Student Information


The school operates on a ten day timetable for the year which is split into two semesters (two half years). The junior options can change for each semester.


School Hours

Normal school hours are between 8.35 am and 3.10 pm

Form time: 8:35 am
P1 8:50am – 9:50am
P2 9:55am – 10:55am
P3 11:30am – 12:30 pm
P4 12:35pm – 1:35pm
P5 2:10pm – 3:10pm

It is important for students to note the start time for the school day as more than two late arrivals will result in a lunchtime detention.



Students are expected to attend school regularly, unless prevented by illness or other unavoidable causes. In the event of absence, students must bring a note signed by the parent or caregiver stating the reason for the absence and the period of absence. Alternatively, parents can telephone Mrs Cook, Attendance Officer on 768 4166/1 and leave a message. The school operates a system to notify parents/caregivers via e-mail of student absence where no message has been received. For other absences, prior leave approval should be obtained from the Principal.


Leave Passes

All students are expected to stay on the school premises during the school day. Students who travel by bus are not allowed to go down into town between getting off the bus and the start of school. If a parent/caregiver wishes a student to go into town at lunchtime in order to do a job for the family, then a note must be presented to the form teacher earlier that day in order for a pass to be issued. The School will not be responsible for such students when off the premises.

Students who become ill during class must absent themselves after informing the teacher, and report to the office. Students will then be able to contact parents or will be directed to the sick-bay. No student may leave the premises if feeling ill without reporting to a teacher first and filling in the leave sheet before departing. This sheet must be signed by any student who leaves the premises. Medication is available in the form of a single Panadol from the office and a record is kept as tablets are administered. No other medication is available but Diabetics, ADD, ADHD affected students or Asthmatics etc. may wish to leave an emergency supply of medication in the office. The office will not be responsible for the administration of medications unless specifically requested by parents.



Regular homework is required to be done which will involve approximately one hour per night for Year 9, one and one half hours per night for Year 10 and at least two and a half hours per night for Years 11 – 13. If there is no written homework students are expected to revise school work. We also encourage students to read if they have no formal homework.

The school has a homework club which is on Wednesday from 3.15 to 4.15pm.



Refreshments for break 1 and 2 can be obtained from Tai Poutini Polytechnic Cafe. Chewing gum, bubble gum and fizzy drinks (eg ‘V’, ‘Red Bull’, ‘Mother’, Coke-Cola) are forbidden at school. Water bottles are permitted in the classrooms.



Contract buses run South through Paroa and Gladstone to Kumara and North up to Totara Flat and Moana and on the opposite side of the Grey River servicing Taylorville, Blackball and Atarau students. Another run collects students from the Punakaiki, Rapahoe, Runanga, and Dunollie areas. We also have arrangements for transporting students from the Hokitika area. Public buses supply transport for paying passengers to Cobden and the Greymouth central regions. Any concerns regarding school transport should be directed to the bus controller.


Motor Vehicles

Any student who drives a motor vehicle to and from school and during school hours, may not convey passengers who are students at John Paul II High School without the written consent of the driver’s and the passengers’ parents. In this case, the driver must hold a full licence. It is expected that drivers will conform to the appropriate laws. The school accepts no responsibility for any damage to the vehicle or its contents during these times. Any student driving a vehicle to/from school must complete the permission form and hand it to the Deputy Principal with a photocopy of their licence.


Personal Property

Parents are asked to ensure that all personal property is adequately marked for easy identification in the event that an item of clothing etc. may be misplaced.
The school will not accept responsibility for the loss of money or the loss of or damage to such personal items such as cellular phones, IPods or similar. Money should be handed in at the office for safe-keeping and collected when required.


Damage to School Property

Repair of damage due to carelessness may be charged to the parents of the student concerned. Genuine accidents may not incur such penalties.


Smoking, Drinking & Drugs

The unauthorised possession and/or use of tobacco products, alcohol, drugs or solvents at school, out-of-school in uniform, or at school related activities is prohibited. Such infringements may lead to stand-downs or exclusions.


Bring Your Own Device

For junior classes, in most cases, a tablet or chrome book is sufficient for lessons.

For senior classes (years 11, 12 & 13), the device should be a laptop rather than a tablet or chrome book and should have a good-sized screen.  Mobile phones with internet capability are of limited use at any level. Specifications of a suitable device are as follows:
•       Laptop which is Windows capable (Minimum Windows 7)
•       Minimum 4GB ram
•       80GB Hard drive
•       15 inch screen
•       Full size keyboard
•       Wireless capable

Students will be permitted to bring other devices but the school may not be able to provide support for all devices due to the wide range of specs available on the market.

Microsoft 365 gives JPII students, and their families, free access to Microsoft software packages so if you do intend to purchase a new computer you do not need to incur the additional expense of buying Microsoft office.

It would also pay to check that your home insurance covers devices to, from and at school.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.


Mass Attendance

Throughout the year our students attend week day Masses at school on a rostered schedule. They are also encouraged to attend on a voluntary basis.

Full school Masses are held each term either in the Gymnasium or at St Patricks Church.

Formal Sunday Masses – where all the student body are expected to attend occur four times a year. Each of the School Houses nominates which mass to attend either a Saturday night or Sunday morning.

Two Sunday Masses are planned each year to join Hokitika families in their parish.

Part of being a Catholic and attending a Catholic school is the Sunday Obligation.