Fees & Charges

John Paul II High School is an integrated Catholic school and tuition fees are not charged.


Attendance Dues (Included in International Student Tuition Fees)

All Catholic Schools charge Attendance Dues which are legally binding charges on all parents and caregivers who have enrolled their children at a Catholic school. This is payable unless, in special circumstances, the charge has been waived by the Proprietor of the school for specific issues associated with a family.

At John Paul II High School the Attendance Due charge from 2019 is

  • $492.00 (per pupil per year)
  • $954.00 (for two pupils)
  • $1,386.00 ( for three pupils)
  • A fourth student from the same family is free

The account is sent out each term from John Paul II High School and may be paid at our school office or into our bank account. Attendance Dues are authorised under the Private Schools Conditional Integrated Act and are used to pay for costs associated with the land and buildings for the Catholic Secondary Schools in the Diocese. All Fees are GST inclusive.

Religious Education Donation (Collected on behalf of the Catholic Education Office) is $40.00 per year per student.


Activity Donation (Included in International Student Tuition Fees)

This contributes towards activities involving the whole school (e.g. cultural activities; subscriptions; trips etc).

While this payment is not compulsory, it is an essential aspect of funding the above activities. Most families support the school in payment of this nominal amount.

  • Cost for one student (per year) $40.00
  • Cost for two or more students in one family $60.00

Friends of John Paul Donation

To assist in the enhancement of school facilities and to support individuals and groups of students undertaking cultural, sporting and other activities

  • Per Family $30 00

No EFTPOS facilities are available, payment by cash, cheque or internet banking are accepted.



Stationery items per subject lists for our school are available to view and purchase online at https://www.paperplus.co.nz/back-to-school. We encourage you to order for delivery prior to the school year starting.

Top up items are available through the School office at competitive rates. Standard items of school stationery, except workbooks, may be purchased in town.


Subject Fees

Optional subjects (e.g. Home Economics; Workshop Craft; Photography) may have additional material charges for specific project work.



These are subject specific books which act as a form of text and exercise books. While relatively expensive, we feel they offer value for money. Students’ subject teachers will inform them if they require one of these. These can usually be ordered online through https://www.paperplus.co.nz/back-to-school.


Text Books

Students are issued with required textbooks free of charge and are liable for the cost of replacement if they are damaged or lost.


Financial Assistance

Assistance with all school activities is available at the Principal’s discretion. Confidential enquiries should be made to the Principal.

Bursaries & Travel Assistance (Not applicable to International Students)

The following Boarding Bursaries are payable by the Ministry of Education.

  1. Boarding Bursary (per year) $2725 for students living more than 4.8 km from any satisfactory transport service to a school.
  2. Secondary Bursary (per year) $2725 for students who have to live away from home to attend a school providing satisfactory tuition at Years 12 or 13.

Out of town students may be eligible for a Transport Conveyance Allowance if they are not served by our transport routes and who want to attend a Catholic School. Travel assistance is available to students living in Hokitika who wish to attend this school.