Communication & Guidance

The education of our students is a joint venture undertaken by parents and teachers. We hope we are all working together for the full education of our students, and we believe free communication is the best way to develop our partnership. We encourage parents to telephone or email the school and arrange a suitable time for an interview, a discussion, or to observe the school in action.

The Student Diary

All students are issued with a Student Diary at the beginning of the year. This functions as a planning diary and homework record, providing an easy check of homework requirements for parents. We hope that regular use of this diary will train our students to make the best use of their time and to take full responsibility for their learning.

It is also a valuable means of communication between parents and teachers. Parents are asked to check and sign the diary every week.

Parent/Teacher Meetings

The Principal is available to meet parents at most times but it is advisable to make an appointment. Otherwise please just call in and, if not otherwise engaged, we will welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns.

“Meet the Teacher” sessions are held at various times for students and their parents. Information regarding such times is provided by email, in the school’s newsletters and in the Greymouth Star.

Student Progress Reports

Reports, giving a general indication of progress made by the students in years 9 and 10, are issued towards the end of term one (interim reports). More detailed reports are issued for all students during term 2 and again for juniors at the end of the school year. We also hold a conference day in term three, shortly after senior exams, to give parents and students the opportunity to meet face-to-face with teachers to seek advice on what needs to be done to ensure success in external exams.

General communication

General communication between the School and parents is usually by email and the school newsletter but concerned teachers or form teachers may contact parents directly by telephone. Important notices are often accompanied by a return slip which parents are asked to sign and have returned to school as soon as possible.
Parents may contact the school by phone, fax or e-mail:

Guidance System

Form classes are based on our House system and are a mixed group from Year 9 to Year 13, members of staff are designated as Form Teachers and they are particularly concerned with student welfare. The Form Teachers and the Student Counsellor are able to offer assistance to students with any matter of concern: educational, vocational or personal. We also have a senior dean who oversees years 11-13 and a junior dean for years 9 & 10.

The school Careers Adviser is able to give information concerning courses and careers, and various specialist Careers Officers periodically visit the School. The Deputy Principal and Assistant Principal have overall responsibility for girls’ and boys’ welfare and will be pleased to meet parents at most times but they would be grateful if you would telephone the School for an appointment.

Home & School Cooperation

The school serves the interests of parents and children within its community. We have set up a ‘Friends of John Paul II High School’ to link the School and home, and to provide parents with the opportunity to assist the School and further the interests of students. Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to become involved in school life by helping with sports coaching or by joining ‘The Friends of John Paul II High School’.

Community Service

We take pride in developing a sense of community awareness by encouraging students to be sensitive to the needs of others and willing to give practical help when and where they can. Junior students are expected to take part in our Community Service Day and are asked to offer themselves to work, unpaid, for a day within the community, helping those who are unable to perform various tasks themselves. The Community Service Day may involve a community project/collection.