Bring Your Own Device

John Paul II High School believes in preparing its students for a future where being able to appropriately and effectively use technology is essential. Our lessons are designed to include BYOD in a varying degree of ways depending on the subject and lessons being prepared so it is vital that all students have access to some sort of device for tuition.

For junior classes, in most cases a tablet or chrome book is sufficient for lessons.

For senior classes (years 11, 12 & 13), the device should be a laptop rather than a tablet or chrome book and should have a good-sized screen.  Mobile phones with internet capability are of limited use at any level. Specifications of a suitable device are as follows:
•       Laptop which is Windows capable (Minimum Windows 7)
•       Minimum 4GB ram
•       80GB Hard drive
•       15 inch screen
•       Full size keyboard
•       Wireless capable

Smart phones are not seen as a viable option as BYOD due to their size and difficulty in word processing ability.

The school is committed to assisting the students with their devices so being able to connect to the server and various links etc is important. The school has an onsite technician who is able to help with a wide range of technical support.

Microsoft 365 gives JPII students, and their families, free access to Microsoft software packages so if you do intend to purchase a new computer you do not need to incur the additional expense of buying Microsoft office.

It would also pay to check that your home insurance covers devices to, from and at school.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school.