Wednesday 17 June, 9.30am to 11.30am

We invite all prospective new students for 2021 to come along and see our school in action. Our annual Open Day has been set for Wednesday 17 June from 9.30 in the morning. 

Below is the programme for the morning which will give all new students and their parents a perfect opportunity to see our classes live. They will get to visit some lessons and spend a little time actually seeing what is going on. 

The school visit commences with the Principal, Mr Sullivan and the Head Students for 2020 Jacob Smith and Anna Donaldson greeting everyone.

9.30am Welcome from the Head students, followed by a Principal address.

9.45am School Tours with Year 10 students in four groups

            Group 1 Food tech – Hard tech – Science – Music

            Group 2 Hard tech – Science – Music – Food tech

            Group 3 Science – Music – Food tech – Hard tech

            Group 4 Music – Food tech – Hard tech – Science

10.50am Refreshments, meet with guidance counsellor, Junior dean and other key staff in the library for a cup of tea and cake, Parents and students may wish to speak to the office about enrolment packs etc

11.30am End of Open Day

If you have any questions, please email or call the school office on 03-768-4166.