Wellbeing Important Information – Tips and Contacts 25/08/2021

Dear Parents/Caregivers

Friendly tips regarding looking after your wellbeing and the wellbeing of others

We hope you are all keeping well and warm in this time of lockdown. There are some good sites to assist you if you want advice that is helpful for children learning from home:




Our whanau teachers A.P Deans, learning support teacher and school counsellor, are also available via their school email if you need any family support:

trish.oregan@johnpaul.ac.nz; AP/Pastoral Care

merv.ellis@johnpaul.ac.nz School Counsellor

celia.costelloe@johnpaul.ac.nz Senior Dean

dan.steggles@johnpaul.ac.nz Junior Dean

donna.ellis@johnpaul.ac.nz Learning Support Coordinator

During an emergency event, our ways of engaging with one another may change and we need to adapt our cultural and traditional practices. It’s important to look after your own wellbeing and the wellbeing of your whānau and community during these times.

Some helpful steps to wellbeing:

· Connect with other people by phone, e-mail or txt or zoom

· Be physically active – walking, running, gardening.

· Learn new skills eg baking, knitting, new card games, building.

· Have some quiet time for yourself.

  • Remember,
    you are not alone.
  • Stick
    to a routine
  • Be
    kind to yourself and others

Kindness and structure are the most important things for children during times of uncertainty. A stable routine and affection are just as important as learning.

Over this period, you may see some changes in behaviour such as moodiness, tears, or challenges with sleeping. Providing structure, giving children a sense of control and ownership over some parts of their day, and ensuring there is time for fun, may help to avoid stressful situations.

The links below also contain great ideas and resources to help families and whānau look after their own wellbeing.

· Health and wellbeing – Unite against COVID website

· Connecting with others – Allright.org website

· Identify and culture – Allright.org website

· Sparklers website – Helping tamariki when times are tough

· Oat the Goat – Bullying Free NZ website (Oat the Goat is a fun way for you and your child to spend time together learning about the power of kindness).

Please take time to have a look at the Wellbeing tip sheet attached and do not hesitate to contact any of our John Paul II staff if you have anything you would like to discuss.

Take care of each other and yourselves, kind regards.

Trish O’Regan

AP/Pastoral Care