How we as a school coped with the situation.

A week back under Alert Level 2 has meant students and staff have had to learn a lot about physical distancing and running a school under a new set of rules. On the whole I would like to congratulate the students for their cooperation in making our reentry into being back together a smooth one. The staff have made every effort to ensure that the social, spiritual and personal well being of all students has been taken care of. The academic progress for students, and in particular our seniors has also been a focus for teachers, making sure everyone knows where they are at, what their academic goal is and the best pathway forward in order to achieve well. 

Over the lockdown the teaching staff kept up with classes, preparing online lessons, holding Zoom sessions with students, sometimes using a whiteboard in the background to go over things, sometimes by using google docs or similar to “talk” and discuss things with students and sometimes giving them tasks to cook or sew things at home. You may have seen some of the accomplishments on the school Facebook page where students cooked dinner, baked cakes and created cushions. Well done to all of the students for their efforts during this time.