Bluelight Bootcamp Information for Parents John Paul II High School

Police Bluelight is running a bootcamp with the support of Marty Greaney from PHO- Primary Health Organisation and Lisa Thom – both personal trainer’s.

This is an exciting whole School intervention which will run on Wednesday mornings for an hour starting on the 15th February 2023. The exercises will be fun and challenging and mainly individually based so everyone will be able to exercise to their ability in a safe environment.

As well as students doing the exercises there will be School staff and Police Officers – all working out together.

There will also be small challenges set for the students to do in their own time – these will be exercise based and mindfulness.

We also hope to be able to set the challenge for the students to compete in the Police fitness test – (PCT) this is a test that Police Officers have to do to join the service and pass every two years.

I would like to introduce our wonderful personal trainers:

Martin Greaney is a personal trainer who works for PHO. Marty’s background is in exercise prescription, and he has been a Personal trainer for 15 years. His speciality is in mobilisation, movement and helping people new to exercise. Marty has been a vital part of our Bluelight Bootcamps since we began in 2014. He is an old boy of John Paul II High School and is passionate about helping students who are struggling through high school because of his own experience. The statement he runs his life by is “Get fit, feel Great’ I believe in taking a holistic approach. No pills, potions or magic tricks. Discipline, dedication and hard work get you where you need to be in life. I hope helping some of these children now will in the future see them flourish into healthy, confident adults”.

Lisa Thom is a personal trainer with 15 years experience and runs her own business called ‘Bodies & Beyond with Lisa’ Lisa is also qualified in remedial therapy, sports massage/ taping, dry needling and myofascial cupping. She is also a qualified instructor in pilates, water aerobics and group exercise classes. Lisa was the PT for the 2021 Bluelight Bootcamps which was run with a group of seniors at John Paul II and also Grey High and her statement is ‘Health is a state of body. Wellness is a state of being’.

Healthy Nutrition is also very important for healthy bodies healthy minds and we will be involving the Nutritionist from PHO to provide the students with further education.

The students will be expected to bring comfortable, casual sports clothing and sports shoes for the fitness session and also a drink bottle. It is also important that they have some healthy snacks to keep their energy up.

Our Objectives for the Bootcamp are to:

  • Expose students to a range of fitness activities and skills.
  • Improve overall fitness and well-being (healthy body, healthy mind).
  • Expose students to nutrition information so they can make informed lifestyle choices.
  • Improve the relationship between young people, their families, the Community and the Police.
  • Introduce young people to support systems that will help them develop positive personal, team-work and social skills.
  • Expose students to situations that require goal-setting, self discipline and perseverance.
  • Improve students’ confidence in themselves and their bodies.

Please feel free to contact your student teacher if you have any questions or concerns or myself.

Senior Constable Terri Middleton

Chairperson Bluelight

Cell: 021 191 5752