Education in our Catholic School

John Paul II High School offers families a comprehensive education in a school culture which nurtures and encourages individuals to achieve to their full potential in personal academic excellence, personal growth, and life in Faith in accordance with the values of Jesus Christ and Catholic tradition.

The crest of John Paul II High School represents the Papal emblem of St Peter’s Keys and the triangular unity of the Holy Trinity.

Through their foresight and hard work, earlier generations of West Coast Catholics, the Marist Brothers and the Sisters of Mercy, established an excellent school in Greymouth for the Catholic young people of today.
By any standards John Paul II High School is a strong school with excellent teaching programmes, small classes and energetic and professional staff.

Our school, is more than just an academic institution – it has an added dimension:

A Special Character that trains young people in:


The knowledge of the Church and of Christianity.

Based on Jesus’ Greatest Commandment, Love God, love others, integrity.
We give our students the skills, the practice and the confidence to play a leadership role in the Church of tomorrow.

John Paul II High School offers a Catholic environment where high standards are set and expected. Our philosophy is to educate the whole person to strive for excellence in all that students do, following the example stories left us in the Gospels.

We find that students who come to us from any school transition well and make new friends quickly through our strong Pastoral Care (Manaakitanga). If these students have not yet gone through a sacramental programme and are still at an early stage in developing their faith, we can assist by providing opportunities to be baptised and/or receive Communion and Confirmation.

If you would like to discuss these things or are interested in enrolment at John Paul II High School, please contact the Principal’s Assistant for an appointment with the Principal. If you know of Catholic families whose children do not attend our school, we encourage you to share with them what our school has to offer and invite them to meet with our Principal.